What a Great Finale

Well done everyone for being so generous!

We had a great time last night

John Bird did us proud and helped edge winning bids as high as he could

Initial sums indicate a figure of ~£3,000 raised at our auction

We couldn’t have done it without everyone involved

All of you  - well done!

As soon as we have definite figures we will publish them on the website

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  1. Pooja says:

    reference A.G.M dublin 28 ocorbetwe have decided not to call it and A.G.M on this occasion but instead we will have an informal get together to get to know members and other people that want to join we can discuss all this at the get together on sunday the 28. To find out more details location etc you can ring john on saturday the 27 from 1500 hours on to find out the location for this get together yours sincerely,john sweeney LOGS. IVCO p.s look forward to seeing you all on the day.For anyone looking for more information on the weekend coming please contact John at 086 3956642. The meeting on Sunday will be informal with discussion on where the organisation is going in the future and future plans and events.The location will be in the city centre and will be announced on the saturday at the teachers club event or if you cannot make it to the teachers club phone John Sweeney on 086 3956642 on Saturday for details.about an hour ago b7 Like

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