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News from Bolivia …

The money raised from the auction will allow us to implement the following project:


Encourage creative writing in girls and boys who sell Inti magazine and in children from the book club in the Tomina library, through activities that promote self-esteem, leadership and the arts.


Inti Magazine:

  • Children produce writing to include in the Inti magazine
  • Through trainings and organizing, make the children that sell Inti more committed to selling the magazine for their educational improvement
  • Collecting personal information from the kids that sell Inti (i.e. address, school they attend, parents’ names and other pertinent information)
  • Print 1,000 copies of Inti for the next 3 issues (6 months)
  • Offer psychological support to the children in need and create a personal file of each of the children
  • Record what the children who sell the magazine spend the money on

Book Club in the Tomina library

  • Strengthen the activities of the book club (currently meets 3 times a week)
  • Involve the librarian in the activities of the book club and the activities organized by the trainer
  • Increase the number of library patrons and kids who participate in the book club activities
  • Children produce writings to include in the Inti magazine


  • Create plans for the leadership, self-esteem and artistic activities, making creative writing the central theme of each activity
  • Make monthly reports to BiblioWorks and Inti
  • Coordinate activities with librarian and two BiblioWorks trainers currently working in Tomina
  • Monthly schedule:
    • 1 week planning and organizing in office
    • 3 weeks training
      • 2 days each week in Tomina
      • 2 days each week with Inti kids in Sucre
      • Determine what needs exist for educational materials in Tomina library and two educational centers for child workers (central market and bus terminal).
      • Purchase materials for 3 educational centers (Tomina, central market and bus terminal)
        • Tomina= 1,500Bs.
        • Central Market= 2,000Bs.
        • Bus terminal= 2,000Bs.
        • Plan and realize the closing activity of the project (getting all of the kids that participated in the project together for an excursion and a cultural exchange)
        • Coordinate with Soledad, Juan and Inti volunteers to help children sell the magazine better

        trainer working w children in tomina self esteem in tomina drawing what I dream of drawing tomina

      As more news comes in we’ll keep you informed. Thanks once again for your generosity

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