Drum roll please ………..

Again a huge thank you to everyone for their generous donations and support throughout this project. We have at last received the majority of donations promised and are now excited to inform you of the final figures:

In summary for cara a cara the donation totals*

Total donations collected      £4,661.80
Less costs                                 £1,051.34
Total to be sent to Bolivia     £3,610.46

Therefore our supporting organisations Inti and Biblioworks will each receive £1,805.23

Something to consider:

£3,610.46 = $ 5,472.20 = 38,030.64Bs (todays exchange rate)

Minimum wage in Bolivia (for those in work (Data Feb 2010) is

800Bs/month = 9,600Bs/yr


38,030.64Bs = approx 4 yrs salary


We will hopefully keep you posted with news of all the good work

Inti and Biblioworks

do with the donations

*Should you be interested in further details of monies raised please contact us on general@cara-a-cara.org.uk

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