Step-by-step guide

Below is a step-by-step guide to register to bid on our auction

If you are interested in bidding in our auction you need to register first. Not sure how? Hopefully you will find the following screen shots helpful:

1 The link

You can find link buttons to register in several places on our site, here are a couple of examples:

On the home page


On the auction page


2 Registering

Once you have clicked on the link, you will be taken to this screen:

Follow all of these steps carefully, and don’t forget to check your spam folder if you haven’t received an email from us


3 Check your email

From your email, you will have a temporary password and a link. Clicking on the link will take you to this screen where you enter your username again and the temporary password:


4 Personalising your password

Once you have done this and clicked “Log In” you will be taken to a profile page where you can personalise your password


5 Returning to cara a cara website and place your 1st bid

The screen will change to tell you your changes have been saved (see below) and now you can go back to the website and place your first bid.


Thank you and good luck