Our Promise

  1. This is a project set up by artist Bernice Wilson and has the commitment and permission of all 14 artists, both organisations (Inti and Biblioworks) and all children taking part to offer for auction all artworks here for sale.
  2. We are doing this for the sole purpose to raise funds for the betterment of the children within these organisations in Bolivia and we the artists hereby promise that all money raised less minimal costs* will be sent to these organisations promptly after the final auction event closes and the hammer goes down by John Bird (Founder of the Big Issue)
  3. Payments to the cara a cara project by the winning bidder shall be made to Bernice Wilson’s Paypal account. This is because as an art collective coming together for this project only, we do not have a verified Paypal account for the project. We promise to publish all transactions connected to this project within 28 days of the auction event closing or as soon as all payments are received and paid – which ever is later.
  4. We will post a list of all winning bids on this site on receipt of all payments.
  5. We will also endeavour to update you all via this website, post auction, how the collected donations have been spent. This will be dependent on receiving information from the benefitting organisations (Inti and Biblioworks) and they have committed to up date us, as and when monies are allocated and then spent.
  6. Please bear in mind we are an art collective entering into this project with honest and kind intention, we thank you all for your support and donations and ask that you offer any and all support and donations with the same honesty and kindness.
*There are minimal set up costs which will be published post sale such as materials and postage in relation childrens’ artwork; website auction plugins; book design and printing; and transport costs. All other costs have been waived and/or are being met by the artists involved.  We promise that we shall not subtract any of these costs and the parties in question shall waive the charges if donations received are less than £1,000.