The online auction is now open and will run until 18:00 on the evening of our live auction event night on Thursday 28th February 2013, hosted by

John Bird (founder of the Big Issue)

The artworks are for sale as diptychs

Minimum bid price is £50 per diptych

Please support our worthwhile cause

Thank you in advance for your support

You can register to bid here

Below are the auction links to all artworks currently available for viewing at

Go Figurative gallery.

The remaining artwork auction links will be live by Thursday 31st January 2013

Abigail : Isaias
Celine : Alcides
Bernice : Jhenny
Christina : Marcela
Claudia : Omar
Dan : Cristina
Ignacio : Beatriz
Joseph : Wilfredo
Julie : Carlos
Karine : Juan
Niina : Ayda
Rebecca : Alejandra
Richard : Victor
Sarah : Jhimy
Niina : Elida
Niina : Alison
Abigail : Nora
Bernice : Enrique
Bernice : Roberto
Christina : Dayama
Christina : Juana
Dan : Maria
Dan : Severino
Ignacio : Aldana
Joseph : Angelica
Joseph : Francisca
Julie : Estefania
Rebecca : Julio
Rebecca : Karla
Richard : Madai
Sarah : Rodrigo