Ignacio Lalanne

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Argentinean born British artist Ignacio spent several years exploring and drawing inspiration from different parts of the globe. He travelled extensively in India and South America and traces of these ancient cultures; their great diversity and paradoxes are found throughout his work. In 2001 he established himself in London and studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art. Since completing his studies, he has continued to paint and experiment with different artistic techniques, such as tableau photography and multimedia installations.

Why Ignacio joined this project

I have always been fascinated by the ancient, complex and colourful cultures of the Andes, South America. This project “CARA A CARA” is a great opportunity for me to explore further the fascinating Andean culture of North of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. This region of the world has a Magic of its own.

At the same time it has been a way to “add one more grain of sand” in  fight against   Bolivian  children street poverty .

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