Exciting news … where the money is going…

News from Bolivia …

The money raised from the auction will allow us to implement the following project:


Encourage creative writing in girls and boys who sell Inti magazine and in children from the book club in the Tomina library, through activities that promote self-esteem, leadership and the arts.


Inti Magazine:

  • Children produce writing to include in the Inti magazine
  • Through trainings and organizing, make the children that sell Inti more committed to selling the magazine for their educational improvement
  • Collecting personal information from the kids that sell Inti (i.e. address, school they attend, parents’ names and other pertinent information)
  • Print 1,000 copies of Inti for the next 3 issues (6 months)
  • Offer psychological support to the children in need and create a personal file of each of the children
  • Record what the children who sell the magazine spend the money on

Book Club in the Tomina library

  • Strengthen the activities of the book club (currently meets 3 times a week)
  • Involve the librarian in the activities of the book club and the activities organized by the trainer
  • Increase the number of library patrons and kids who participate in the book club activities
  • Children produce writings to include in the Inti magazine


  • Create plans for the leadership, self-esteem and artistic activities, making creative writing the central theme of each activity
  • Make monthly reports to BiblioWorks and Inti
  • Coordinate activities with librarian and two BiblioWorks trainers currently working in Tomina
  • Monthly schedule:
    • 1 week planning and organizing in office
    • 3 weeks training
      • 2 days each week in Tomina
      • 2 days each week with Inti kids in Sucre
      • Determine what needs exist for educational materials in Tomina library and two educational centers for child workers (central market and bus terminal).
      • Purchase materials for 3 educational centers (Tomina, central market and bus terminal)
        • Tomina= 1,500Bs.
        • Central Market= 2,000Bs.
        • Bus terminal= 2,000Bs.
        • Plan and realize the closing activity of the project (getting all of the kids that participated in the project together for an excursion and a cultural exchange)
        • Coordinate with Soledad, Juan and Inti volunteers to help children sell the magazine better

        trainer working w children in tomina self esteem in tomina drawing what I dream of drawing tomina

      As more news comes in we’ll keep you informed. Thanks once again for your generosity

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Drum roll please ………..

Again a huge thank you to everyone for their generous donations and support throughout this project. We have at last received the majority of donations promised and are now excited to inform you of the final figures:

In summary for cara a cara the donation totals*

Total donations collected      £4,661.80
Less costs                                 £1,051.34
Total to be sent to Bolivia     £3,610.46

Therefore our supporting organisations Inti and Biblioworks will each receive £1,805.23

Something to consider:

£3,610.46 = $ 5,472.20 = 38,030.64Bs (todays exchange rate)

Minimum wage in Bolivia (for those in work (Data Feb 2010) is

800Bs/month = 9,600Bs/yr


38,030.64Bs = approx 4 yrs salary


We will hopefully keep you posted with news of all the good work

Inti and Biblioworks

do with the donations

*Should you be interested in further details of monies raised please contact us on general@cara-a-cara.org.uk

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What a Great Finale

Well done everyone for being so generous!

We had a great time last night

John Bird did us proud and helped edge winning bids as high as he could

Initial sums indicate a figure of ~£3,000 raised at our auction

We couldn’t have done it without everyone involved

All of you  - well done!

As soon as we have definite figures we will publish them on the website

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Final exhibition opens today in Oxford St

Hurry! Our final cara a cara exhibition opens today in Oxford St – for 3 days only

Last chance to see our exciting project and bid on some amazing original artwork

We open today at 1pm come and join us

Have a look at the artwork

Buy a raffle ticket or three if you can’t afford to bid


All money raised is to help children in Bolivia who are forced to work in the city streets or hard rural labour as soon as they can walk

£50 minimum bid = 2 months wages/salary to the average Bolivian*

*If they have work at all
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Current Raffle prize up for grabs

We currently have a raffle (tickets £1) running for the following pair of artworks


Come along to our Oxford St venue from tomorrow at 13:00 to buy a ticket

Opening times 13:00-18:00

Tuesday 26th February – Thursday 28th February 2013

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Auction payments : maximising money raised

It has only just occurred to us quite how much Paypal will charge us for each successful auction bid paid through them. This is because, although we are raising money for two organisations*, we are just an artists’ collective not a charity and don’t qualify for a waiver on charges.

Can we therefore ask where possible – to ensure all of your donations go to the organisations we are fundraising for – that you pay direct by bank transfer if paying online. To arrange this contact us at general@cara-a-cara.org.uk and Bernice will forward you bank details.

The bids that are made on Thursday 28th February at our live auction can be paid either in cash or by cheque

Should you have any questions regarding this matter please contact us on the above email address with your concerns/suggestions

Thank you again for your support and understanding

*only one organisation (Biblioworks) is a registered charity, and that is in Bolivia
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Are you having issues bidding?

It has come to our attention that if you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you may be having problems placing a bid.

You should see a big red button with  ’Place Bid’ written on it right beside the money box.


If this is missing please use a different browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari which work work fine.

If you are still having difficulties do let us know at general@cara-a-cara.org.uk

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Sponsor a book for a child – don’t miss out!

do you want to

sponsor a book for a child

through our project?

we have had a great response to this campaign


want to say a huge

thank you

to everyone who has, and say…

if you have been thinking about taking part but haven’t yet …

there are still four slots left so hurry!



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How to find our Oxford St venue

Tottenham Rd tube station is the nearest

Use EXIT 1 to come out onto Oxford St and turn left towards Oxford Circus

The 3Space venue where we are holding our next and final exhibition is on the 1st floor, on the left, above the ChinaExpress (opposite the new Primark)
See map here

You need to ring the 3Space bell to come in

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Last few days to bid online!!

So our cara a cara project is coming to an end …

We thank you all for your support so far

and ask you to support us a little further by spreading the word for our

grand finale

Our online bidding is still open until 6pm on Thursday 28th February
when it then moves to a

live auction event


3Space on Oxford St, Central London

Many works currently have bids but there is still a good chance to bid and win an amazing art piece from our project

All works are in pairs and the minimum bid price is £50
Click here for a summary of current bids

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